Casio Lampless XJ-M256 WXGA Projector

  • Model: Casio XJ-M256 Lampless Projector
  • Projection: Standard
  • Brightness: 3000 ANSI Lumens
  • Contrast Ratio: 1,800:1
  • Resolution: WXGA (1280x 800) 16:10
  • Weight: 3.9kg

Casio Lampless XJ-M256 WXGA Projector


  • 3000 Lumens Brightness
  • WXGA Screen Resolution
  • Casio Laser & LED Hybrid Light Source
  • Longest light source life - up to 20,000 hours (warranty 3 years or 6,000 hours)
  • Easy installation features

By combining a laser, a fluorescent element and an LED Casio has created an original mercury-free hybrid light source* capable of generating high brightness. Casio has achieved high brightness output of green light, which until now, has been considered difficult with conventional semiconductor light sources, by efficiently converting blue laser light into green light using a fluorescent element.

*The Casio Hybrid Light Source can only be replaced by the Casio Factory Service Center. Disassembly of the projector and/or use of its technology or components for other purposes is potentially dangerous and strictly prohibited.

Provides 10X longer light source life than Casio mercury lamp while being more economical based on lamp replacement. The Casio Hybrid Light Source projector features quick startup and shutdown. The projector reaches its maximum brightness in a minimum of 8 seconds and requires no cooling down period.

The native WXGA (1280 X 800) resolution of the Green Slim projector allows for optimal viewing of content created and formatted for today’s widescreen displays. Whether it is viewing a spreadsheet or two applications side by side, the WXGA Green Slim provides more useable screen area and displays more information on the same screen. Widescreen display formats have become the standard and now your projector can match the widescreen display of Notebook PC’s and HD Video sources.

WLAN Mobile Device Presentations (Windows® PC, Microsoft Windows® Mobile, Macintosh® PC, iPhone® / iPad® / iPod®, and Android®.)

Wired LAN


You provide the thumb drive and we will provide the software to convert PowerPoint® for presentations on the go.

Up to 32 PC’s can be connected at one time with 4 simultaneously active on screen!

The Casio Hybrid Light Source projectors delivers a 50 percent increase in color spectrum for high impact presentations due to improvements in LED and laser technology. Superior color reproduction enhances color purity allowing visual effects to appear brighter and offering powerful images that conventional projectors cannot match.

Compared with conventional high-brightness projectors employing mercury lamps, Casio Hybrid Light Source technology cuts costs as well as the time and effort involved in lamp exchange while maintaining clear, high-quality images over an extended period. The LampFree™ design is backed by a comprehensive 3 year warranty including the light source; users can expect reliable worry free operation from the Casio Hybrid Projectors


The 1.5X manual zoom lens gives you the flexibility to easily position the projector.

Auto brightness adjustment saves power and reduce eye fatigue.


Costly bulb replacement is a thing of the past. Casio provides a 3 year warranty on the projector and 3 years or 6,000-hour usage on the light source.

Sony VPL-FHZ55W WUXGA Installation Projector

  • Model: Sony VPL-FHZ55W WUXGA Lampless Projector
  • Projection: Standard
  • Brightness: 4000 ANSI Lumens
  • Contrast Ratio: 10,000:1
  • Resolution: WXGA (1280x 800) 16:10
  • Weight: 12kg

Sony VPL-FHZ55W WUXGA Installation Projector

Ideal for 8 hour a day (or more) projection solutions - busy teaching spaces or digital signage.

Combining a laser light source with a 3LCD optical system, the ground-breaking VPL-FHZ55 projector generates a powerful 4,000 lumens of color light output at WUXGA resolution. Using a blue laser as the projection light source to create a perfect white light (which is then sent through the 3LCD optical system) produces a constant, vibrant RGB color that has been out of reach from all other laser projectors until now. The resulting 4,000 lumens of brightness make this a excellent choice for numerous commercial applications.

Key Specifications:
4,000 lumens of color brightness and excellent contrast
Vertical and horizontal lens shift for installation flexibility
Portrait Mode
Built-in edge blending for seamless wide projection
Four corner geometric correction when offset projection is required
20,000 hours maintenance-free operation
Instant ON/ OFF - no more waiting for the lamp to warm up or cool down

Imaging Specifications:
Brightness - Modes High / Standard / Low: 4000 Colour Brightness
Native resolution: WUXGA (1920x1200)
Panel size: 0.76"
Keystone correction: V: +/- 30°, H: +/- 30°
Lens Shift: V: +60%, H: +/-32%
Optical Zoom: 1.6 manual
Screen size (diagonal): 102 – 1524 cm
Throw ratio: 1.4 - 2.3:1

Genreal Specifications:

Dimensions - WxHxD mm: 390 x 148 x 504
Lamp life - High / Medium / Low: 20,000 hours
Noise lever - Low mode: 35 dB
Weight: 12 kg

Panasonic RW330EA WXGA Installation Projector

  • Model: Panasonic RW330EA WXGA Lampless Projector
  • Projection: Standard
  • Brightness: 3000 ANSI Lumens
  • Contrast Ratio: 10,000:1
  • Resolution: WXGA (1280x 800) 16:10
  • Weight: 11kg

Panasonic RW330EA WXGA Installation Projector

Ideal for 8 hour a day (or more) projection solutions - busy teaching spaces or digital signage.

Panasonic PT-RW330 Non-Lamp Projectors use a LED/Laser-combined light source to change the way you work. The ideal solution for educational institutions, Panasonic's first lamp free projectors deliver an exciting new standard in professional reliability.

Key Specifications:
The LED/Laser-Combined Light Source Enables Approx. 20,000 Hours of Continuous Operation
Bright, Beautiful Picture Quality for a Long Period of Time
Superior Colour Reproduction
30x Drive Switching Prevents Colour Breaking
Heat Pipe Cooling System Maintains Stable Operation up to 45 °C
A Dramatic Reduction of TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)
Versatile First-Time and Replacement Installations
Flexible 360-Degree Installation
Abundant Connection Terminals, Including HDMI
Easy Remote Monitoring and Control over a LAN
DICOM Simulation Mode

Optical and Signal Specifications:

Lens: Manual zoom (2.0x), manual focus lenses, F 2.0–3.4, f 21.5–43.0 mm
Throw ratio:1.53-3.09:1
Light Source: LED and laser diodes
Screen Size (Diagonal): 1.02-7.62 m, 16:10 aspect ratio
Brightness¹: Above 3,000 lm
Centre-to-corner uniformity¹:90%
Contrast¹: 10,000:1 (full on / off)
Resolution: 1280 x 800 pixels
Optical Axis Shift: Vertical: +69% / -46% from centre of screen (manual), Horizontal: +28% / -37% from centre of screen (manual)
Lens: Manual Zoom (2x Zoom), Manual Focus F 2.0-3.4, f21.5-43.0 mm
Throw Ratio: 1.5-3.1:1

General Specifications:
Dimensions (W x H x D): 455 x 137*5 x 415 mm (17-29/32 x 5-13/32*5 x 16-11/32 inches) (lens included)
Weight*6: Approximately 11.0 kg (24.3 lbs)
Operation noise*3: 35 dB ( LIGHT POWER mode: NORMAL), 29 dB ( LIGHT POWER mode: LOW)
Power supply: 100-240 V AC, 5.2-2.0 A, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption: 460 W (470 VA) (250 W*1 with LIGHT POWER set to NORMAL, 200 W*1 with LIGHT POWER set to Ecosave1, 178 W*1 with LIGHT POWER set to Ecosave2) (0.5 W with STANDBY MODE set to ECO*2, 8 W with STANDBY MODE set to NORMAL)

Input and Output Specifications:
Terminals - DVI-I IN (digital)    DVI-I 29 pin x 1 (DVI 1.0 compliant, compatible with HDCP, compatible with single link only)
Terminals - HDMI IN: HDMI 19-pin x 1 (Deep Colour, compatible with HDCP)
Terminals - VIDEO IN: RCA x 1
Terminals - COMPUTER 1 IN: D-sub 15-pin (female) x 1 (RGB / YPBPR)
Terminals - DVI-I IN (analog): DVI-I 29-pin x 1 (RGB / YPBPR)
Terminals - AUDIO IN: M3 (L, R) x 1
Terminals - AUDIO OUT: M3 (L, R) x 1
Terminals - DIGITAL LINK IN: RJ-45 x 1 (HDMI, linear PCM audio, 100 Base-TX, compliant with PJLink™
Terminals - SERIAL IN: D-sub 9-pin (female) x 1 for external control (RS-232C compliant)