Projection Whiteboards - Low Gloss

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Low Gloss Matt Finish Wall Mounted Porcelain Whiteboards for Use With Data Projectors

  • Low gloss (or anti-glare) whiteboard that can be used in conjunction with more interactive technologies such as projectors.
  • Magnetic
  • Aluminium Frame
  • Plastic Safety Corners
  • Removable Pen Tray
  • Hanging Provisions
  • Easy To Clean
  • Available in Vitreous Enamel (Porcelain/Ceramic. This surface is glass baked onto steel. Being a glass surface, it will not scratch, and glass being non porous, markers will not "bleed" below the surface, which means that it is easier to clean and it is far more durable.  This is the only surface type recommended for use by educational institutions.
  • Made in Australia

            Available Sizes:

            • 450x600
            • 900x600
            • 1200x900
            • 1200x1200
            • 1500x900
            • 1500x1200
            • 1800x900
            • 1800x1200
            • 2100x900
            • 2100x1200
            • 2400x900
            • 2400x1200
            • 2700x1200
            • 3600x1200